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  • Diane Shenk

2020 Tax Filing Deadline extended!

The Internal Revenue Service is pushing the tax-filing deadline from April 15 to May 17. The May 17 deadline is the deadline to pay any taxes owed, and it is the deadline to submit a return. People can still get an extension to Oct. 15, but that’s only more time to send in a return and does not afford more time to pay taxes.

Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana residents still have a slightly longer timeframe to file their taxes. People in those states were previously given a June 15 deadline to file and pay taxes because of the winter storm that swept through those states in February. The IRS notes the extended deadline only pertains to federal income tax payments. It doesn’t affect a state’s income tax deadline. However, similar to the federal tax filing and payment deadline extension, California will also extend the state tax filing and payment deadline for individuals to May 17th, 2021. The extension does not apply to estimated tax payments due on April 15, 2021.


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